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Albedo is a measure of the reflectivity of a surface. When a material absorbs solar radiation, some of that light energy is converted into heat energy, and the material warms up. That’s why an asphalt parking lot will feel hot if you walk across it on a sunny day.

Albedo and the Urban Heat Island Effect

In developed areas with lots of buildings and people, the effect of albedo can contribute to a phenomenon known as an urban heat island, which is a region whose average temperature is higher than surrounding rural areas.

How  lessen the impacts of the urban heat island effect? To use high-albedo materials:  reflective concrete, pavement blocks, reflective concrete, pavement blocks, synthetic stone and artificial stone plates.  

 Zivat's  high reflect coating on cullet particles transforms the glass waste into a not expensive       high-albedo material that can be used for manufacturing of  reflective concrete and pavement   blocks.    

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