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Crash&Coat  (C&C) is a very timely project as it brings ecological profits by reducing the glass waste disposal at the peak moment of transition from Cathodic Ray Tube to LED and plasma technology and at the peak moment of transition from fluorescent tubes to LED lighting. The primary objective is using the assumptions for C&C of a new product, with value in use, produced from CRT glass and fluorescent tubes waste. The result of this project is the production of highly efficient photocatalytic inexpensive raw materials - microbeads and microspheres with  titanium dioxide coating. Word need a new kind of water treatment that can help people to disinfect their own water supply easily so that their water becomes safe to drink. An ideal method are uses easily available energy sunlight and not expensive equipment- photocatalytic reactor with TiO2 microbeads or microspheres.                                                                   

Glass waste purifies water only with gravity and sunlight

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