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Zivat's Coatings Technology

 Extraction of an intense pure flux of ions that generated in the cathode spots of vacuum arc.   We called it  "Ion Flux Deposition"  (IFD).                                                                                         IFD process is implemented in the cathode-arc plasma sources with magnetic cross field of   arched configuration. 

 Extraction of ions is carried out from cathode spot with the aid of the Hall layer formed in an   arched magnetic field. Up to 90% of  ions are extracted out of the arc discharge in the arched   magnetic field


Using an exclusive proprietary coating technique based on IFD, we  forms the vacuum coatings  which provides a rate combination of: 

- antibacterial/antimicrobial properties;

- photocatalytic activity;

-  hardness, strength and resistance to corrosion  (hot  corrosion or hot erosion)

   and wear resistance properties.

Zivat C&CC

Zivat C&CC

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